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Consignor & Tagging Information


Register to Consign, enter items, print Barcode Tags, & Volunteer:  


 PRINT CODE:  PL16412723

You will need white or pastel cardstock to print tags on.  No bright cardstock.  NO HANDWRITTEN TAGS ACCEPTED.

You keep 75% of your sales.

Referrals:  Refer a friend and receive up to $50 credit on your fees.  $10 credit for each friend/new seller that you refer to WeeBritches.  The friend/new seller must put your name in the referral box at registration and participate in the present season sale.

Fees:  25% of your sales plus a $25 facility fee.  The $25 fee is waived if you volunteer for one 4 hour shift(see volunteer page).  All fees deducted from your check after the sale. 

Got a tagging gun?  some consignors use the plastic barbs to tag your items instead of safety pins.  Do not use straight pins or staples.  They hurt the customers and the volunteers.


Sale for Specific season only for all sizes above 12 month.  All seasons accepted for NB through 9 month items.  Blue jeans & uniform items have no season.  Appropriate athletic wear accepted during the season.  for ex, basketball shorts during fall basketball season.  We reserve the right to refuse any items.

**  All hanging items need to be attached to the hanger by safety pin or yarn.  Yarn can be looped through sleeves and belt loops to secure.  We will no longer rehang fallen items during the sale.  

** ADULT SIZE CLOTHING accepted.  We will accept 50 items per consignor of your best fashionable items.

**Referral Fee.  Get $10 credit for every new seller/consignor that you refer to our sale up to 5.  New consignor must type in your name as the referral at registration time.

 ** THIS SEASON ITEMS only accepted for items sized 12 months and up.  Any season Newborn to 9 month clothing accepted.  Blue Jeans & uniform items are always in season. 

All items not picked up by 5 pm pick up day will be donated.   Churches and charitable organizations pick up at 5 pm.  ALL UNCLAIMED ITEMS WILL BE DONATED  ON MONDAY --  NO EXCEPTIONS   

**Items need to be picked up by 5pm on Monday. 

**25 item minimum to consign/participate in the sale.

**PRICING:  You price your item.  General  guideline is 1/4 to 1/3 of original sales price.  Name  brands and excellent condition items sell for more.  
Shoes are priced less by $3-4. Ask yourself, "Would I buy this for $xx?" 
Start early, it takes time to price, hang, and sort clothing.

**SHOES:  please limit to your best 5 pair.  HANG YOUR SHOES.  TIE TOGETHER with laces or yarn.  Pin or tie your tags on to the shoes with yarn.  These display better on our racks than those in bags.  Space is extremely limited & they do not sell well. They need to be priced lower than your clothing.   
*Baby ITEMS:  only baby items( such as bibs, burp cloths, onesies) in excellent condition will sell unless they are priced very cheap.  Have a friend expecting, share some of the inexpensive items such as onesies, bibs, burp cloths. Baby items in less than perfect condition, price to get rid instead of get rich.

**FEES for consigning your items are 25% of sales price plus a $25 facility fee.  Whether you have a little or alot of items, you keep 75% of the sales price!  Fees are deducted from proceeds.  Do not meet all fees, you are expected to make payment to Weebritches before next sale to be allowed to participate.                                           
**CHECKS WILL BE MAILED Wednesday following the sale. 

**VOLUNTEER for a shift below.  50+ volunteers are needed for check-out & general customer assistance sale day.  Volunteers are not charged the $25 facility fee.   Sign up early, shifts book fast.

**CONSIGNOR NUMBERS:  Past Sales Consignors keep the same number.  If you are a new consignor, log onto our online tagging system.  New consignors will use their first letter of their last name plus the last 4 digits of their phone number as their consignor/seller number.  For example,  Shanna Ferguson is F 2288.   

    For identification purposes and ease of sorting after the sale, attach a colored yarn, tape, or ribbon to the tops of hangers.  Bagged items and toys do not need this color identification.  Colors correspond to the first letter of your last name. Use an unique shade or type if you prefer.  

          ABC = Purple            DEF = Pink            GHI   =   Orange            JKL     = White            
          MNO = Blue               PQR =  Yellow        STUV = Green              WXYZ = Red

Click on the link below or post to your browser window to log-in and begin entering your items:


IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILTY to check for Recalled items.  We cannot sell or be responsible for those items.  Have a questionable item.  Check it out at the following resources:

http://www.cpsc.gov/cgi-bin/prod.aspx.   offers a listing of ALL recalled products.  Just choose the category and click "Find"
http://www.cpsc.gov/CPSCPUB/PUBS/thrift/thrguid.pdf offers safety standards for car seats, walkers, baby gates, cribs, play yards, and bunk beds. 


A great informational site is www.consignmentmommies.com 

Check out this page for pricing guidelines:

Check out this page for the five most over priced consignment items:

1.  Your gently worn to excellent condition clothing must be on a hanger.  Hanger hook should face LEFT (looks like ?, a question mark ).  Place price tag on right shoulder.  Some play clothes may be placed in ziploc bag.  Hanging items sell better.  Items that are clean, smell fresh, and ironed look & sell better.  We accept many sizes, but don't accept clothing dated older than 5 years.  A 12 years old's toddler clothing is dated.  Attach each item to the hanger with safety pins or yarn strung through the sleeve or belt loop.
2.  IMPORTANT! Sets should be pinned together securely by hanging the shirt first then attaching the pants to the  hanger by the waist.  The neater this looks, the better the set will sell.  Be sure to catch the hanger as you close the pin so the pants do not weigh down the shirt.  Try not to hide the pants under the shirt.  Pin pants @ top of hanger -- catch the fabric twice or they slide along the bottom & do not sell. 
3.  We do accept some junior size item if they are teen/student appropriate.  Usually up to Junior size 3 or 5.
4.  Price in whole dollar increments (no .50 cents or .99 cents) at full price. Items not priced in whole dollars will be rounded down to the nearest dollar.  Put small items together to equal $1.00 worth.   It helps customers keep track and easier checkout. We understand on half price day, some dollar items may sell for $0.50.
5.  Small items should be bagged together in a Ziploc with the price card attached to the front with packaging tape or pinned to the outside. You can bag small toys, games, etc. together for one price which will sell better than little individual ones.   Taping the bag shut protects from theft and children opening during sale.  You do not have to add yarn or tape color to your bags, your choice. 
6.  Limit 5 pair of shoes per consignor due to space constraints so pick your best ones.  They also do not sell well and need to be priced lower than clothing guidelines.  Our new shoe racks allow for shoes to hang and be seen.  You can attached together either with laces tied, straps hooked together, or tied together with yarn.  The price tags can be attached with pin.  If you like, you can also bag shoes in Ziploc and attach price tag to outside of bag with packing tape, pin to bag, or place in your bag.
7.  Rack space cannot be given to onesies, sleepers, gowns, very used pajamas, and other small clothes.  Only very high-end designer items or those with tags attached are exceptions.  Bag these items and attach tag or place in bag with item.  No sleepers on hangers, only in bags.  Only inexpensive baby items in perfect condition will sell.  Have a friend expecting?  Share your used bibs, onesies, and burp cloths with them. 
8.  Maternity and nursing clothes are the only adult clothing accepted; however, they do not seem to sell well.
9.  We accepts all kids' items:  Strollers, cribs, beds, toy boxes, high chairs, walkers, toys, books, video games, videos, CD/DVD, shoes, and sporting equipment.  Make sure all baby items are not broken or missing pieces.  If so, Please note on the card. Toys need to include all pieces and be in excellent condition.  You can saran wrap small items to the larger item too. 
  No stuffed animals, they will not sell & will be refused at check-in.

11.  Toys that need batteries need to include them for demo purposes.  They also sell better this way. 
12.  Equipment, furniture, and toys should be clean, have all parts, and any small pieces should be in a Ziploc bag attached to the main part securely with tape, ribbon, or yarn.  DO NOT use masking or scotch tape... it will not stay attached.  Use clear packing tape or saran wrap. 
13.  It is your responsibility to check all items for recalls.  Do so at 
14.  WEEBRITCHES has the right to refuse any items and price untagged items at checkout.  Items without tags will not sell.  
15.  Any claims for missing items need to be made before leaving the building at pick-up.  A claims form for missing items will need to be submitted before leaving.  All items not picked up by 5 pm Sunday in Dyersburg & 5pm Monday in Union City will be donated that day.   
16.  You can check your settlement report online each night.  By Sunday at 10 am, we will have the completed item sold report uploaded to the internet.  You can print out your settlement report and check for unsold items on your inventory list and bring with you to make pick-up easier.   

Bar Code Tagging System
This service will actually save YOU and ultimately us time.  By electronically entering all of your items, you can save 50-60% of your time when you are tagging.  In addition, you will receive a printout of your entire inventory and be able to manage your items as “sold” or “not sold”.   All cards will need to be bar code.  No risk and no additional cost to you outside of our seller’s registration fee.  Just register, select our consignment in the “Partner Consignment” section, enter your items and then print your tags using a print code that we will provide to you.  It is that easy. 


The reason we have chosen My Consignment Manager is because they are offering bar-coded services with the seller’s needs as a priority.  Their website is simple and easy to use.  We really encourage you to become familiar with their system before you begin tagging. So check them out at www.myconsignmentmanager.com.

  • You can electronically enter your tags, which will save you 50-60% of your time.
  • You can print Inventory Sheets for all of your items.
  • You can also print a donation list for your tax filings.
  • You can reuse your items for future sales with us and for other sales
  • Your account will automatically be updated so that you can view which items sold at our sale prior to receiving your check
  • You can calculate your potential sales in dollars
  • The system will allow you to receive your checks more quickly than you would with a manual system
Summary of Instructions: 
  • Click on Register Here on our website (make sure the address you enter is the same one that you want your final payment mailed to).
  • Sort all of your items by clothing, toys, equipment, etc.  Regarding clothing, sort by gender and then size. 
  • When sorting is completed, enter your items into the system.  Go to the tab, Enter Items.  By sorting prior to entering, you will save a lot of time because you will only have to reenter the price and description for each similar item.
  • If you need to edit anything, go the Manage Inventory screen.  Here you can print inventory reports, mass edit items or individual items, and also see a Projected Settlement Report based on the items you have entered into the system.
  • Printing can be performed at anytime, at intervals or all at once when you finish entering your items.  You will just need to enter the print code that we will provide to you. You will receive this print code when your registration is complete.  Please make sure that your tag paper consists of only light, pastel colors.  Use card stock paper (at least 60# or 65# card stock) so they do not get lost in the stacks.   Only WHITE OR PASTEL CARDSTOCK.  Bright or dark card stocks (blue, lime, dark yellow) do not scan & have to be manually entered which increases the chance of errors. Do not print on regular copy paper.  They get lost.
  • Once your tags are printed, make sure the bar-code is clear and is not excessively dark (sometimes the ‘normal’  or 'draft' setting is best to use when printing), then cut on the lines and safety pin to left shoulder or right side if the clothing is facing you.  When applying tape to the toys, equipment, etc. please do not put tape on the bar code.   




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