WeeBritches Kids
Consignment Sale
The area's oldest and largest !!
every Spring & Fall 
Reduce clutter + Recycle items = Revenue 4 U! 

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Register to Volunteer for a shift through our online system:

Volunteering is not mandatory to participate or shop the consignor presale before the general public.  Volunteering only allows you to void the $25 facility fee & shop an earlier shifts than consignors who do not wish to volunteer. 

Volunteer early -- shifts fill up fast & volunteers do not pay the $25 facility fee.  You can volunteer online from our online tagging system.  To qualify to shop first presale, you must consign register for 2 shifts, consecutive or non-consecutive.  The 2nd presale is for volunteers only.  If you only volunteer and do not consign, you can shop one shift later than consignors.  For example, volunteer only for 2 shifts & not consigning -- you shop at the 2nd presale time (4pm).  No shift required for the 6pm consignor presale.  Need to adjust a shift time to meet your schedule, call or email Shanna. You can split up any shift if need be

VOLUNTEER SHIFTS:  to register for an open shift, click on the URL above.  Shifts begin on Wednesday prior to the sale and end at sale breakdown after pick up.  Our shifts are flexible.  If you can't make it there by the start time, it can be adjusted.  Just drop me an email. 




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