WeeBritches Kids
Consignment Sale
The area's oldest and largest !!
every Spring & Fall 
Reduce clutter + Recycle items = Revenue 4 U! 

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Union City Sale Info

Register to Consign, enter items, print Barcode Tags, & Volunteer:   www.myconsignmentmanager.com/weebritcheskidsale 
PRINT CODE:   PL9513517

SPRING Sale Date:  Friday, September 18 , 10am - 7pm  & Saturday, September 19, 8am - 5pm (half price on select items).    

Obion County Fairgrounds

Drop Off DAYS:
  Wednesday & Thursday
        Wednesday,Sept 16:  3pm- 7pm  & Thursday, September 17:  9am - 12pm 
Consignor Fees: 25% of your sales plus the $25 facility fee. $25 fee waived if you volunteer/work one 4 hour shift.  Fees are deducted from your proceeds. No money required up front.
All Pre-sales:
  Thursday, September 17
     8 HR (2 shift) Volunteer Pre-Sale: 
 3:00 pm -- must volunteer on line for 2 shifts.     No Shows for their shifts will be charged an additional 20% fee.  NO Guests or children allowed @ this sale.  Special Color wristband is your pass.  Obtain @ check-in.

        4 HR (1 shift) Volunteer Pre-Sale:  4 pm -- must volunteer on line for 1 shifts.     No Shows for their shift will be charged an additional 10% fee.  NO Guests or children allowed @ this sale.  Special Color wristband is your pass.  Obtain @ check-in. 
     CONSIGNOR pre-sale:
   5 pm; Both Buildings.  Consignors only.  No guests.  No children except nursing babies.  Exception.....Children 12 & older may attend with Mom to pick out clothing if desired.   No volunteer shift required to attend.
     Public New Mom  & Mom2B Pre-sale:  6:00 pm.  Expectant and new Moms of children under 12 months welcome.  Moms in process of adoption of infants also eligible.  On line registration required.  Click on the bar code link below to register as a new Mom. Sale for 24 month and under clothing only.
PICK-UP INFO:  SUNDAY, March 15, 1 - 5 pm, MONDAY, March 16, 1-5pm   

 Any claims for missing items need to be made before leaving the buildings on pick-up day.  Unsold items will be donated at 5 pm on Monday.

CHECKS/PAYMENT:  All checks will be mailed Wednesday following the sale. 


1.    Arrive at rear of Domestic Arts(Kid's) Bldg [size 5 & up) or Junior(Baby/Toddler) Bldg.
2.    Lock your car & do not leave purse on evident display.
3.    Come inside and sign in on the clipboard.
4.    Get your info sheet & presale ticket.  Tyvek wristbands issued as your ticket.  Guests are not allowed at the consignor presales.   
5.    Got items in each building?  Each building will have an inspection area. 
6.    Bring in your items to the inspection area.  Items will be inspected if sale acceptable.  You should take any items not passing inspection with you when you leave.  Non-acceptable items will not be placed on the sales floor.
7.    When passed inspection, you can assist in placing/hanging your items.  
8.    Pants & dresses hung on top.  Shorter items --  shirts, shorts, etc. hung on the bottom.  Long items need to be on top rack so they do not drag floor & get dirty.
9.    Totes may be left under tables at the sale.  Please label tops & bottoms with name. 
10.   Shopping is not allowed during check-in.  Please don't ask.


1.    Print off your settlement report or unsold items list from yor inventory screen before leaving home if you choose to.
2.     Arrive at rear of Domestic Arts (kid's/Adult) bldg or Junior (Baby/Toddler) bldg.
3.    Lock your car & do not leave your purse on evident display.
4.    Come inside the attendant will assit you with your item pick up, checking remaining items for your consignor number,  and checking out. 
5.    Check first in the size and gender section for your unsold items.  Items are combined into seller groupings by Monday afternoon.  DO NOT assume that a group of items is all your seller number.  Items are first sorted by letter and number.  The group could be all the sellers that begin with your Letter.  Check through the items for you seller number.
6.     Most items are transferred to the Kid/Adult building by 4pm Monday afternoon.
7.    Sign out on the clipboard before you leave.




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